The Impact Of 9 11 On Transpor Essay Sample

The Impact Of 9 11 On Transpor Essay Sample

… In most cases when one thinks about Islam the immediate thought turns to the Middle east, but Islam is a world wide faith that has also had an impact on far reaching parts of the planet including Africa. The impact of a religious faith on any given society can be measured by much more than simply the religious converts and the numbers in attendance. Within the impact one will find political, racial, economic and societal changes as well. Islam has provided all of these elements in Africa as it has grown over the years.
The new world civilization and …

… convert entire nations to its following. During the 16th century the conqueror at that time, Ahmad Gran tried in vain to convert Ethiopia to the following of the Islam faith. During the 18th and 19th century the continent of Africa was swept with a religious reform movement, along with the rest of the world(Islam, 2002). The Islam faith at that time was strengthened and the impact reached into the political arena as well as the spiritual one. Leaders who were followers of Islam as well as black began to gather forces to encourage the uprisings that were experienced in …

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