The Importance Of Seeing In Tartuffe Essay Sample

The Importance Of Seeing In Tartuffe Essay Sample

… them (the Muslims). For the Muslims, nature symbolizes Allah’s great knowledge “of all things,” because it requires great power and knowledge to create “the heavens and the earth,” and knowing that nature is a product of Allah’s great wisdom and knowledge makes it an object of sacred importance to the Islam religion. St. Louis also treats nature as an important element of the universe, in the same manner as the Muslims treat nature as a sacred creation of Allah. Similarly, nature plays also a significant role in Yvain. If the Qur’an and St. Louis treats nature as …

… Yvain. The importance of nature in Yvain is illustrated through a particular event when Yvain commented upon seeing a tree covered with birds, “… the tree was more beautiful because of them, and they were singing softly, in perfect harmony…” Clearly, Yvain treats nature as a symbol of balance, peace, love and harmony. He even uses nature in describing the physical attractiveness of Laudine, Yvain’s lady. Yvain’s references to nature as symbols of love and peace is an essential factor in the Kinght of the Lion, and most of the setting and dialogues in the story depends on the …

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