The Importance of SEO in Freelance Writing

The Importance of SEO in Freelance Writing

Before the days of the Internet, writing a freelance article entailed doing your research and putting together an appealing article. However, the Internet has changed the way freelance articles are written and submitted. There is so much information on the Internet and websites are competing to have their information on the top of search engine lists. Too far down the list, and the article or webpage will get lost and no one will ever find it.

This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into the freelance article writing process. SEO is the process that web pages utilize to get higher ranking results on search engine pages. There are strict rules that will place a web page or article at the top of the list. Not understanding or using these guidelines will definitely affect the traffic of any page. If a freelancer plans to write articles for publication online, having knowledge of SEO is a must for success.

How does SEO work? The freelance author must first know which keywords need to be written into the article to get it place high in the results list. If the article is about bathroom accessories, then keywords like bathroom accessory, bathroom accessories, decorative bathroom accessory, and other similar terms will be used when someone is looking for an informative article on the topic. Knowing the keywords that the user will type in is a necessary component of SEO work. Google Adwords’ Keyword Tool is a freelance writer’s best support for finding keywords that have already been used.

Then the next step is inputting these keywords into the article. Search engines will not count websites with excessive keywords or that or obviously stuffing keywords into their content. The article has to read and flow nicely, without the keywords jumping out as an obvious SEO technique.

Having SEO knowledge and experience is a desired skill set when looking for a freelance writer. Freelancers who are not already familiar with SEO should take the time to become used to the tool and use it effectively. If you think that SEO work sounds interesting, buy books related to the topic, either from a local store that carries hard copies written for this burgeoning industry, or search for e-books by reputable, “white-hat” SEO experts.

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