Importance of a Teaching Resume

Importance of a Teaching Resume

Teaching is considered a noble profession and many choose this profession either because they love to teach or because the working hours are regular. You may be teaching pre-school, elementary school or high school or you may even be imparting special education. Whether you are planning to work as a teacher for the first time or looking for a change in your teaching job, you have to prepare a teaching resume.

The following are the contents of a teaching resume:

  • Personal information:

    You should first mention your name, current and permanent addresses, email address and contact numbers

  • Objective:

    Don’t miss out writing your job objective and take the trouble to write a unique objective.

  • Certifications:

    Mention any certifications you have received which add to your qualifications as teacher.

  • Education:

    Your education should be written in reverse chronological order in the teaching resume. Mention the names and places of the institutions where you have studied. The G.P.A. score is usually mentioned in a resume if it is above 3.0.

  • Work Experience:

    This is what the Principal of the school you are applying at will look for if he is looking for an experienced teacher. Mention all your teaching jobs in the reverse chronological order.

  • Professional Development:

    A teacher must be innovative in order to be able to impart knowledge to students. Seminars and workshops are often held which help the teacher to develop new ways of teaching. When preparing the resume, these should be mentioned.

  • Additional Skills:

    If the teacher has developed any additional skills such as playing a musical instrument or learning a foreign language they should find mention in the resume.

  • Affiliations:

    Memberships of associations related to teaching in general or the subject in particular will indicate the depth of your interest and mentioning these in teaching resumes will create a favorable impression in the minds of the principal or the school committee members responsible for appointing the teacher.

You can also briefly incorporate in your resume your views on education and what you feel can be done to improve the present educational system.

Though you are a teacher and you know best, it is better to get your resume read by colleagues or friends. They will point out any errors or omissions.

The easiest thing to do when you have to write a resume is to opt for a resume download. You have to look for teaching resume templates on the internet, select one which you find suitable, download it and fill in all your particulars. Another option is using a resume wizard.

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