An Important Nursing Situation

An Important Nursing Situation

Nursing is a profession in health care that aims at intensive care of individuals, families and communities to ensure that they attain, maintain and/or recover to a required optimum health condition. Nurses carry out research in areas concern with management and maintenance of health systems to help improve on the current condition in the health facilities. Nurses provide education on matters pertaining to health and sanitation with the aim of improving the health status of the community.

Nursing is currently being faced with a number of difficulties in its day to day running; this has been attributed to many factors. Nurses working environment is one of the major factors. In some States nurses work with medical devices that do not meet their perceptual working conditions. Poor labeling designs, illegible handwritings and inadequate lighting also contribute to the poor working environment.

Shortage of nurses has led to poor working conditions for the nurses, leading to overload of the current nurses. Currently a research conducted to investigate the demand and supply of registered nurses in the United States shows that, the shortage is expected to increase at a slow rate until the year 2010. From this point it is expected that the demand will increase at a faster rate more than the supply of the registered nurses. By the year 2015 it is estimated that the shortage will have gone up to a level of 20% which will be quite high as compared to the shortage in the year 2000 which was at 6%.

Shortage of nurses has led to physical overload due to the length of time they spend working and also the number of patients they handle which at times is beyond the capabilities of human performance. This shortage has been attributed to the fact that the current training institutions do not have the resources to accommodate a large number of trainees. This is because nursing is an expensive course to train as it requires expensive laboratory equipments and high wages for the tutors. This has caused applicants from some of the States in the USA to wait for a period of 8 years. Nurses are overloaded by the number of tasks they perform, resulting in multitasking hence poor results. Patient handling demands also contribute to poor working environment experienced by nurses; this is due to inadequate patient handling equipments in some nursing institutions putting nurses at risk of contacting diseases from their patients. Research shows that nurses can carry out the works of the physicians effectively. Comparing the work carried out by the nurses I don’t think the salary offered to them can compensate for their efforts. The current global economic deterioration has affected the nursing sector, the hospitals feel the need to hire nurses but they cannot afford.

The working environments of the nurses should be improved, this may be done by; provision of good lighting systems, purchase of medical devices that meet their perceptual needs, the doctors should also improve their handwritings and a better labeling system put into place. Nurses should not be given the duties of the physicians. The Government should expand the existing nurse training institutions to accommodate more trainees to help reduce the overload on the current nurses. The Government should also increase the salaries offered to the nurses in order to motivate them in their daily work.

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