Indian Accounting Standard Essay Sample

Indian Accounting Standard Essay Sample

… are essentially election returns from our customers, and the trend in their voting has been unmistakable for some time,” said Mr. Dell. “Customers increasingly prefer the better value, flexibility and scalability of industry-standard computing products over the cost and complexity of proprietary technology.” “This is a milestone for our company and our people, and we’re rightfully proud, but the greatest opportunities for customers and for …

… capabilities of Premier Commerce, Dell has made itself available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” [Dell Computer Corporation] This feature also allows customers to keep track of their purchases thereby removing accounting problems.

Information Presentation
Another Characteristic feature of the business to business sector is that the decisions regarding buying the products are taken after assessment of the product by different categories of people. There …

… May 27th, 2003,
5) Microsoft Press, “Dell expands CRM initiative with partners”
Accessed on May 27th 2003,

6) Indian Express, “Dell Computer sets up 100% arm; to invest $2.5 m initially”
Accessed on May 27th, 2003

7) Davidow, W.H and Malone, …

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