Indian Dharma Comparedto American Dharma Essay Sample

Indian Dharma Comparedto American Dharma Essay Sample

… History are discussed in Limerick’s essay. “Empire of Innocence” is a study of how the pioneers, or American settlers and inhabitants during the Western expansion, had been the cause of the oppression and banishment of the native Indians from their homelands in America. Limerick’s essay portrays the Indian people as the ‘innocent’ people who had been exploited by the white Americans, who are starting to establish their own lives in the lands wherein the Indians used to live. In order to ‘get rid’ of the Indians, or natives of America, the new settlers, particularly, the new American government …

… settlers and the natives of America. This piece about the native Indians of America provides readers with a good idea about how things can be viewed as either good or bad, which actually depends on the portrayal of the narrator of her piece. In Limerick’s case, she portrays American history in a different and honest light: that oppression is a continuing occurrence in American history, in contrast to the portrayal of its people as ‘heroes of the world.’

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