Indian Women Human Right Issuescanada Essay Sample

Indian Women Human Right Issuescanada Essay Sample

… nature based faith pattern. They do not believe that man is particularly important and they do not believe that human beings are any more important than anything else. “Pom, copal is the secret ingredient of all people . We use it to express our feelings for the earth…Copal is the resin of a tree,” (57), which is used as part of a ceremony that will represent the earth, water and man. This nature-based faith gives all men and women value and it serves to command the people in the culture to care for nature and take care of the …

… no longer really know who they are.This makes the author’s concern for the survival of her culture even stronger.
I, Rigoberta is a powerful chronicle of Indian life and it is also a cultural ethnograph. The book does an excellent hob of covering every element of the Indian culture in Guatemala and it also demonstrates the personality of the character. The text shows universality and diversity and is an effective guide to understanding the working elements of most any culture in the world.

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