Industrial Hemp It Should Be Legal Essay Sample

Industrial Hemp It Should Be Legal Essay Sample

… thus the people of the town decided to raise a voice against industries that would dump chemical waste in water hubs of the town. Thus Civil Action revolves around this case and how it was fought. National Research Council in 1991 found that there was absolutely no connection between industrial waste dumping and water supply of this area. There were no traces of contamination due to chemical exposure because most industries were using dumping points, which minimized the risk of exposure to chemicals.
This case involved a successful lawyer Jan Schlichtmann who decided to represent the people of Woburn, Massachusetts …

… resulted in the demise of his legal practice. On top of that, his later attempts to reopen the case produced no positive results while the opposite parties did not suffer any negative impact of the trial. Their corporations kept raking in profits while the lawyer himself suffered immensely. The legal issues in this case were mainly concerned with business ethics and the responsibilities of corporations towards the community and society. The verdict while it did go in favor of the residents was simply a compromise, which did not serve any positive purpose. Secondly, I believe that the right party was …

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