Ineffective Communication Essay Sample

Ineffective Communication Essay Sample

… line workers and senior management. Therefore, they are a natural conduit of information, throughout the company. This shows the importance of managers as an integral part of the communication process.

While all functional companies have business and sales plans, many do not have effective communication plans. This is a crucial part of a business. Due to the fact that managers play such a strong role in dealing with both front-line staff and senior management, they should have a leading role in creating and implementing a communication plan.

As Senior Technical Specialist for IT at Nextel, my main focus is on system development and system training. I have seen the results of an ineffective communication plan, particularly after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Mass chaos temporarily strained communications on all levels.

As a result of this crisis, I realized that managers have a critical role to play in both everyday life and in uncertain times. Therefore, manger must be prepared with an effective strategy for helping their companies get through the current crisis.
In my opinion, an effective managerial communication culture is one that emphasizes building relationships and strengthening overall communications throughout the company. Managing communication from the top down …

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