Influence Of Culture At Work Essay Sample

Influence Of Culture At Work Essay Sample

… various literatures and Chinese identity such as Confucianism. The influence of Confucianism to the Chinese majorities has led to the economic and political success of their nation. This only proves that the ancient culture of the Chinese are still part of their modern society, and that it helps in molding a better life for them.

Confucianism teaches the proper way of living a life. It is a “ …

… metaphorically turning to the Neo-Confucianism philosophy. Where their lives were influenced with Confucianism, Confucianism only shows the great impact of its teachings to the Chinese tradition. Nonethelsess, neo-confucianism can reshape Chinese’ influence from Confucius.

The moral and social value of Confucianism on the society of China is profound. From the Confucianism on the impact of Confucianism, with web site at …

… ch26/default.htm, it says that

The impact Confucianism has had on China can hardly be over-estimated. Huston Smith observes:
History to date affords no clearer support for this thesis than the work of Confucius. For over two thousand years his teachings have profoundly affected a quarter of the population of this globe.

The doctrines of Confucianism were long before established in China. The unique teachings …

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