Influence Of Modern Media On Children Essay Sample

Influence Of Modern Media On Children Essay Sample

… and Rosario are far from ‘ignorant’, there is a hint of stereotyping in their roles through the seasons.
Arguably, some of the racism in mass media, doesn’t just fall onto television shows. Modern cinema has been guilty of perpetuating the social stereotypes and views of society regarding ethnicity and different cultures. In many cases, “mass media do not just shape whites’ minds and imaginations. They socialize …

… in society than it did 30, even 20 years ago. Today, television is in every household, and role-models are being showcased on the ‘boob tube’ every day. The greatest influence is not only on children and youth, but on the ongoing perceptions adults make regarding their own roles and abilities in our society. Television, especially, has a duty to portray equality as it should be, and …

… be. Racism is a vicious circle, and our minds have never be able to entirely assimilate the truth: that mass media mirrors society.

Hooks, B. Teaching Resistance: The Racial Politics of Mass Media
Killing Rage
New York: Holt 1995

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