Influences Of Frederick Douglass Essay Sample

Influences Of Frederick Douglass Essay Sample

… which run the glorification of man could be gleaned from the writings of five great writers of the romantic period: Rousseau, Douglass, Whitman, Wordsworth and Tennyson. All five write of man, his place in society and the role he must inevitably play in life and maybe specifically for somebody special in particular.
In Jean Jacques Rousseau, natural man is good and happy but it is humankind with whom he moves and lives who depraves and abuses him.
For Frederick Douglass, who has himself been abused as a black slave by society along with all the black people throughout the country, …

… his love for nature which somehow softened his words and soothed the spirit of mankind.
And so more than any other writer of the age, he invests the common life of nature, and the souls of the common men and women with glorious significance.
In his Tintern Abbey, he influences attitudes and sensibilities and establishes a mystical communion with man.
This kinship with nature and with God which glorifies childhood ought to extend through a man’s whole life and ennoble it. This is the teaching of “Tintern Abbey,” which says that in every natural object there is a reflection …

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