Investigation Ramsey Murder Essay Sample

Investigation Ramsey Murder Essay Sample

… is the area of search and seizures. If the court rules that the search or seizure of evidence was done without compliance to the law and the constitutional rights the trial can be lost on that basis. An example would be the police locating the gun that committed the murder but finding it without going into the right channels. Another example though extreme would be the location of a victim’s body without having the proper right to search the property that it was located in. This can cause the evidence, and indeed the body itself not to be allowed …

… tackled him and he spit out about 2½ grams of crack cocaine. He was convicted in Ramsey County District Court for possessing cocaine with the intent to sell(Search, 1998). On appeal, Hardy argued that the request to open his mouth constituted an illegal search under the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable search and seizure, and that the cocaine he spit out couldn’t be used as evidence. The high court unanimously agreed and reversed his conviction. “The request went beyond mere investigation,” Chief Justice Kathleen Blatz wrote. “When Hardy refused to answer investigatory questions, the police officer sought …

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