Invisible Cities Calvino Essay Sample

Invisible Cities Calvino Essay Sample

… wealth and the economic self changed architectural and urban design. The change in economics wrought by the shift from a modern economy to a postmodern economy where capital rather than product was key to the functioning of the industrial economy, became reflected in changes of functional architectural structure in cities where such capital transactions were conducted. Such changes in economic life are key to Harveys understanding of urban architecture, from standardized models to more apparently personalized versions of human spaces.
Harvey stresses that changes in economic life create changes in the functional spaces in which human beings conduct their …

… . This is why postmodernism is not merely an attitude, it is a condition. As human beings began to gradually release financial transactions from actual physical products and even actual physical spaces (such as factories), the ethics and implications of economic decisions began to gradually become less comprehensible and more invisible to the average individual. Even financial transactions are brought together in physically existing buildings such as the trading floor are done so in such a way that the factory construction of them and the commercialization of the labor that creates wealth can be ignored. Perhaps the most obvious recent example …

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