Invision Investigation Options Ge Essay Sample

Invision Investigation Options Ge Essay Sample

… explains that rhythm and rate control can be an essential component to\reducing cost and hospital visits associated with atrial fibrillation after open heart surgery. The article goes on to examine the two treatments and reports that.
Once the rate is controlled and the patients symptoms have improved, options regarding long-term management need to be discussed with the patient. Options include restoration and maintenance of sinus rhythm or simply rate control in AF along with anticoagulation to prevent thromboembolism. The management decision must be individualized, assessing the risks and benefits of each strategy to each patient. (Mehta 2003 …

… continue to be a topic of much debate.
Our discussion also included references to the increases in hospital stay that are a result of atrial fibrillation after open heart surgery. We found that people that suffer with atrial fibrillation spend a longer time hospitalized than their healthy pears. Our investigation found that the prolonged stay was equal to additionally 13 additional hours in the intensive care unit and two extra days in the hospital.
In addition to rising costs and hospital stay we also discussed prevention and treatments that work for these patients. We found that the best most effective …

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