What Iplan To Do This Weekend Essay Sample

What Iplan To Do This Weekend Essay Sample

… ABSTRACTS: This is a three-page paper on the topic of making changes in an organization at a department or work-term level that must be completed in less than a month. What are the steps? Adapt one of the change models to apply to that change.


Loretta’s Attic is a fundraiser for the Moss House, a program for domestic violence. Loretta’s Attic started three years ago with the goal of helping the Moss House be self-sufficient in case many of the grants that the program receives stops. Various donations, volunteer work, …

… in focus:
The object has been to take donations and put sell them to the public as a used clothing store. There are always lots of donations. The problem has been that many of the donations are stained and unfit to sale.
2. Involvement is needed in this program. Perhaps a weekend of fun, games, sales, and chances to win a $50 gift certificate might bring people in to buy and at the same time get some volunteers. Volunteers are the key to this program. So the second step is to arrange a special weekend to get volunteers and to …

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