Ira Guerilla Warfare Early 1900s Essay Sample

Ira Guerilla Warfare Early 1900s Essay Sample

… Women in Military
Abstract: Women have historically served in various capacities in the armed forces, including active combat duties during the Revolutionary War. The late 19th and early 20th century, however, saw a relegation of women to support or volunteer services. However, women’s participation in the military has steadily increased since the Korean War. Today, women can now attend public military schools, serve in combat …

… active duty. However, because laws continued to restrict women from active combat, there is the mistaken belief that women served in medical centers in safe areas, away from the fighting.
Because of the guerilla nature of the Vietnam War, the traditional concepts of safe areas and front lines did not apply. To tend to the wounded, nurses went beyond the hospitals and MASH units to rice paddies …

… American women have served in various military capacities since the Revolutionary War. They have been nurses, reserves, navigators, pilots and, since 1993, combatants. As a result of the growing role of technology in warfare, women also increasingly serve as operators of weapons and heavy machinery. Despite the naysayers, soldiers, both male and female, are showing that military personnel should be judged based on their abilities and not …

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