Iraninian Women And Film Essay Sample

Iraninian Women And Film Essay Sample

… , they still provide some fascinating possibilities for the psychological consequences for women in Islam when the religious tenets are taken to the extreme.

What happened to women under the Taliban was truly horrifying and almost beyond belief. Fortunately, evidence supporting their seemingly outrageous claims of abuse was captured on film. Earlier this year, CNN aired a documentary called “Beneath The Veil,” in which an investigative journalist named Saira Shah literally went undercover in Afghanistan (she wore a burqua most of the time) to expose the harsh realities of life for the Islamic women there. What she was able to document …

… dress herself as she pleased. Women under the Taliban were considered chattel, almost sub-human. So what happened to these women who were denied their own autonomy, who could be beaten in the street simply for showing a little too much ankle? Well, some demonstrated subtle forms of resistance, defiantly setting up underground schools for girls and illegal beauty parlors. Many other, however, predictably fell victim to deep clinical depression. Stories of “madwomen” sitting in street corners rocking and crying were not at all unusual. Although there is no way to quantify how much women-related depression actually increased during …

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