Iris Hwomen In The Gilded Age Essay Sample

Iris Hwomen In The Gilded Age Essay Sample

… In many ways, the Asa Candler family of the Coca-Cola dynasty was a typical American family of the Gilded Age. This might seem like a strange statement. After all, how could such a wealthy industrialist family be considered ‘typical’ any more than Donald Trump might be considered a typical American husband and father? However, the Candlers can be seen to embody the ideology and the ideals of the Gilded Age in American life. This is both because of and despite of the reasons and the ways they pursued their industrial wealth.
The Candlers may be said to embody …

… product they desired a product that was not alcoholic and still tasted good. The Southern Methodist Church supported Candler’s efforts, which they saw as reinforcing temperance. This church support only reinforced the founder’s belief that he was doing the right thing through his industrial efforts.
In the Gilded Age, which oversaw the explosion of capitalist wealth in America, and resulted in the concentration of that wealth in a new elite of Americans, Candler perhaps most vividly embodies that ideology. Of course, the extraordinary nature of his wealth sets him apart. But, on a grander scale, many other ordinary …

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