Irony In The Great Gatsby Free Essay Sample

Irony In The Great Gatsby Free Essay Sample

… understand Orwell’s view of the future, it is necessary to put Orwell’s work in the context of contemporary events just after the conclusion of World War II. His lifetime only spanned the first half of the twentieth century, a period of tremendous conflict, particularly in the “civilized world” of Orwell’s experience. Much of the conflict occurred in Europe and impacted the United Kingdom dramatically. …

… totalitarian regimes in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. From the viewpoint of the democratic governments, communism was the next great threat after the demise of Hitler’s Germany and imperial Japan. The era of the “Red Scare” and McCarthyism epitomized the extreme reaction of the “free” countries to the stated goal of communism to overwhelm the democratic societies. Orwell could not help but be influenced by …

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