Irony Sure Thing David Ives Essay Example

Irony Sure Thing David Ives Essay Example

… show some of the ways in which successful social criticism can be made through sarcasm or irony, the ironic or serious use of social arithmetic, and the truly seriously minded analysis of society. David Andersons The Criminal Funnel deals with the way in which modern America somehow manages to sentence only 500,000 criminals for ever 35 million crimes committed, and then asks if tougher sentences …

… figures, in Andersons instance in order to adequately argue his case, and in Swifts as a means of mocking serious minded but destructive social critiques. Finally, all three are rooted, all irony aside, in a very serious complaint about society, and a genuine need to change it.
Irony and sarcasm are wonderful tools to access that part of the human mind that is willing to …

… They use humor in order to break through mental and emotional barriers. They use cold facts (or the appearance of such facts) to access the thinking mind. Most importantly, they have some vital thing of importance to say, which would change the world if it were only heard. The need to be heard, above all else, is the true issue at stake for a social critic.

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