Isabella Or The Pot Of Basil Brief Summary Essay Sample

Isabella Or The Pot Of Basil Brief Summary Essay Sample

… an unrecognizable and uniform mix. Afrocentrism in all its rich possibility can make a very savory addition to the salad.

Cultural Pluralism: Multicultural Education
As a result of a change from the melting pot to a salad bowl, in the middle 1960s, the notion of cultural pluralism emerged. Pluralism was not considered a flattening process of assimilation, but a recognition of cultural diversity in an atmosphere of …

… Karenga, 2001, p. 12). The principles of Kwanzaa are structured into the Afrocentric curriculum and form the basis for the value system that is a part of the curriculum’s components. The following summary of the seven principles represents their salient concepts as they relate to children:
1. Umoja (unity) (oo-MOE-jah)—There is a striving for unity in the family, the community, nation, and race.

… a relevant cultural identity that encourages them to strive for academic excellence. Teachers adopt instructional methodologies that target students’ strengths and provide them with the opportunity to view topics from the perspective of the minority group to which they belong. Curriculum materials manifest cultural sensitivity, varying perspectives, and authenticity; controversial topics are addressed proactively, and teachers clarify any biases in the materials (Irvine, 1992). Culturally responsive pedagogy …

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