Islamic Mosques Culture Essay Sample

Islamic Mosques Culture Essay Sample

… bawdiness, realism and variety of subject matter also firmly anchor them to everyday life. The stories – which, although imaginative and extravagant, are a faithful mirror of medieval Islam.
True to the medieval Islamic culture , the stories are as enchanting to children (8 and up) as they are to adults. Jinns, sorcerers, caliphs, and crafty mothers are in the translation as they are in others, but here they …

… simply could have returned to Tangier, having fulfilled his religious obligation, and practiced law, the tradition of his family.
Instead, finding that travel was his true vocation, he crossed and re-crossed the Islamic world, once spending eight years as a judge in the Muslim court of the Sultan of Delhi and often serving as a judge within the highly organized travel caravans in which pilgrims banded …

… examples of the genre (type of literature) told of journeys from north Africa to Mecca for the hajj, or pilgrimage. It entertained and informed the readers with rich descriptions of the public monuments, mosques, religious personalities, governments, customs, and curiosities of the cities of Islamic World. Ibn Battuta’s Travels were the most extensive: from Morocco across North Africa to Cairo, then up the Nile, back to …

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