Iso 14000 Essay Sample

Iso 14000 Essay Sample

… Standardization (ISO) is in charge of the International Standards. Any standard will have a standard number and a standard title. The title describes the aspects that are dealt with by that standard. ‘BS’ prefixes British Standards. All international standards are identified by the use of ISO. For example: ISO 14000 deals with environment safety. ISO 9000 deals with Quality Management Systems fundamentals and ISO 9001 deals with Quality Management Systems requirements. ( ISO 9001:2000 is the internationally recognized standard for management of a company’s systems. The standard provides a method for improving …

… of products that may be of low quality, unreliable, incompatible with existing equipment and even dangerous. When the systems and machinery in a company work well, it is because of they conformance with certain standards. The trend is now to make everything conform to the international standard through the ISO.

This is not a governmental organization and it includes 146 countries. ISO standards are voluntary but in some cases they are adopted mandatory. This was the case of the ISO 9000 quality management systems. It refers to the quality requirements of a business and how the organization is managed. The …

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