Issue Papers On Abortion Essay Sample

Issue Papers On Abortion Essay Sample

… of New York City. While nursing in New York’s Lower East Side, Sanger witnessed the needless suffering of many poor women, who were subjected to the pain of frequent childbirth, miscarriage and abortion. This inspired her lifelong campaign for revision of archaic legislation, which prohibited publication of facts about contraception and birth control. In her own words, “I went to bed, knowing that no matter what …

… therefore, stands out as one of America’s most significant figures, not only because of her gender, but also for her tireless campaign for a cause that is viewed as a ‘women’s issue’ – birth control. Her significance in American history may be judged, by some, by the manner in which her work brought about a change in the way that religion viewed, and dealt with, the …

… determination and humanity challenged the traditional way of thought, and introduced concepts that shifted the course of American society.

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