John Updike Story A P Essay Sample

John Updike Story A P Essay Sample

… The “A & P,” by John Updike was written in 1961. The story takes place on a summer afternoon in an eastern coastal town at a local grocery store, the A & P. The protagonist is Sammy, a teenaged boy who works at the A&P. Sammy is also the narrator of the story, the reader sees through his eyes and thoughts. This story, which chronicles an afternoon at the A&P, could be called a ‘coming of age’ story, due to Sammy’s stand against authority and his decision to make his own choice regardless of the consequences. However, it seems …

… chastisement.
As the girls hurry out the door, Sammy’s chivalry causes the words “I quit” to flow from his mouth (Updike pg). He hopes he was quick enough for girls to hear before they exited through the doors, “hoping they’ll stop and watch me, their unsuspected hero” (Updike pg). However, they keep right on going across the lot to their car. Sammy makes a valiant display of turning in his apron and rushes out the door expecting to receive some word or act of appreciation from the girls, but alas, they are no where to found. As if …

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