Jonathan Spence Book Summary Essay Sample

Jonathan Spence Book Summary Essay Sample

… Jonathan Swift “Battle of the Books
Summary: This is a 10 page paper on Jonathan Swift’s “Battle of the Books”; what motivated Swift to write the book and what role it played in the Enlightenment period in the formation of the modern philosophy. It has 6 sources.

Jonathan Swift, an Anglo-Irish satirist, essayist, poet, historian and autobiographer was one of the brilliant English writers, yet he was one of the overlooked writers and never achieved fame and recognition as he deserved. Born in Dublin in 1667, Swift was the son of an English lawyer, but his father had …

… to create some effects in the reader thus for him authorship is fundamentally rhetorical. A swift main aim in his book was to challenge the objectivity and authority claimed by the “Modernists”, thus his satirical approach brings to light the insidious potential of the modern techniques. Swift in his book ridicules the annotation and footnote methods of Wotton and makes parodic scholarly annotation in the form of footnotes attributed to Wotton. By conflating allographic and authorial annotations he exposes the annotations bid to share the textual authority [Pullman, 1988].

“The whole course of things being thus entirely changed between us …

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