Jonathan Swift A Modest Proposal Essay Sample

Jonathan Swift A Modest Proposal Essay Sample

… better solution). Molly Ivins, in “Get a Knife, Get a Dog, but Get Rid of Guns” discusses how America’s obsession with the right to bear arms has passed all reason, and gives a serious of impassioned and sarcastic comparisons. Jonathan Swift’s essay, which is by far the funniest bit of social satire, is called “A Modest Proposal.” It deals with the suggestion that since society cannot provide for the gainful employment of the Irish, or prevent them from starving, or even treat them humanely, it might as well go full out and start raising them for food. (Obviously ..

… to a less mathematic degree. Her comments on the numbers are more vague, along the lines of “Anyone…in a cop shop knows how many family arguments end in murder.” (36) Nonetheless, she still appeals in her short space to the rational, cost-benefit portion of the human psyche. Swift also doesn’t use numbers to booster his real argument (which is that the Irish are dehumanized by the British treatment of them), but he does use them to demonstrate his satirical point. He is, after a fashion, making a point about the way in which statistics and penny-counting …

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