Joseph Slade Pornography Essay Sample

Joseph Slade Pornography Essay Sample

… of children becoming involved in the child sex trade is increasing at an alarming large amount. The age which the children are joining the sex trade is decreasing quickly. The profit potential in the life of a child prostitution is huge. So is the risk of disease and death.
Joseph Gathia of the Center of Concern for Child Labor, claimed that prostitution, had a 3.7 billion annual turnover, was one of the single largest industries in the country. According to him, thirty per cent of all children forced into prostitution in India during the last decade were younger then …

… sensitive to violence. Dr. Marshall also quotes men in Nicols article as saying, “that they looked at pornography with the intent to masturbate, but then became aroused, and decided to go out and assault a woman or child.”
According to D’Arcy Jenish many children are lured into the pornography industry by choosing first to model. These young teen’s egos are boosted when they are told “[they have good bodies]”, and are asked, “if they work out?” More often than not, they are told “to take off [their] shirts”, and then asked “Do you feel nervous?” (36). These youngsters …

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