Joy Luck Club Book Report Essay Sample

Joy Luck Club Book Report Essay Sample

… are individual tales that come together in the end. Many of the details in an individual chapter refer back to events earlier in the book, and each chapter tells more about the feelings the family relationships between the mothers and daughters, and the competition, love and resentment in these relationships …

… major flow of Chinese into the U.S., as well as a slight reversal of attitude among Euro-Americans. The mothers in The Joy Luck Club all arrived in America during this time period.
According to Zimmerman (1999): “After leaving China in the 1940s to build new lives in San …

… America and her family there. She wants the very best f or her daughter June.”
The Influence of Mothers on Daughters
“The Joy Luck Club” illustrates the difficulties that mother and daughters go through when trying to make one another happy. In all of the June Woo stories, June must …

… Novel by Amy Tan, who’s Still Trying to Adapt to Success. The New York Times. New York, New York.

Strandberg, Laura. (2002). The Joy Luck Club. Retrieved on the Internet at: High School.
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