The Judgment Essay Sample

The Judgment Essay Sample

… righteous will have Gardens of Eden in streams… The life to come will be richer… Soft couches, goblets, silken cushions, carpets…” Indeed, earthly rewards in Islam is promised by Allah not during a Muslim’s lifetime, but after an individual was saved from Islam’s own version of the Judgment Day. Meanwhile, in El Cid, earthly materials as rewards are often the focus of this famous literary work. In fact, wealth in El Cid is important because through lavish gifts and wealth (which Cid offered to the King), Cid was able to win his way back to Christendom, after being …

… when the Smith-Barney slogan was applied in context. Smith-Barney’s slogan (“Smith-Barney makes money the old-fashioned way: they earn it”) can be applied literally and figuratively in the literary works discussed in this paper. If earthly rewards are earned in the teachings of Allah (thru the Qur’an) and El Cid through obedience and faithful compliance to Islam and Christianity, respectively, St. Louis, meanwhile, accepts earthly rewards as a means to generosity, a better way to become a Christian. Thus, in the texts that were discussed, the concept of earthly rewards is only for those people …

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