Julius Ceasar And Masculinity Essay Sample

Julius Ceasar And Masculinity Essay Sample

… he spent many childhood hours “pummeling” his ego because of his inability to play cowboys and Indians properly, even to steal his neighbor’s fruit without becoming ill. However, Lester’s preoccupations with masculinity and femininity seem to pale in contrast to the worries of the women in Amy Tan’s novel The Joy Luck Club. Rather than simply worrying about growing up to be proper women, …

… fitting their ideas about gender, their ethnic heritage, and their status as assimilated daughters of native Chinese mothers, into the fabric of their American identities. Lester can simply worry about being a boy and his inability to perform the masculine role or script of the hardscrabble American boy ideal. “It was the boy who had to ask a girl on a date,” he frets. However, Tan’s …

… may be difficult for all, it is hard not to perceive the territory explored by the Joy Luck daughters as uniquely, in contrast to Lester’s struggles, fraught with complications.
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