Junior College Vs University Essay Sample

Junior College Vs University Essay Sample

… diversity and can offer students another perspective on many of today’s international issues. I am a strong believer in community service and have been a Red Cross volunteer in 2001 and 2002 and have also tutored young children in English.
Recently, I completed two years of junior college at the College of San Mateo. I am now working at Cal Fed where my customer service position has been rewarding because it has provided me with the opportunity to help customers and has given me valuable sales experience.
For the future, I am looking forward to completing a Bachelor’s …

… international news correspondent that brings viewers a new level of understanding for complex global issues. I hope to offer a thoughtful consideration of all viewpoints and to communicate these in a way that will motivate people to think beyond their own biased opinions. I would like to attend the University of San Francisco because its mission relates closely to my intended career aspirations.

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