Our Jury From Medieval Jury Essay Example

Our Jury From Medieval Jury Essay Example

Looks at the views of this Medieval city planner on art in the Middle Ages.

… that were typical of the Renaissance. In contrast to medieval values like piety and humility, the humanist values of the day reflected the glory and beauty of the individual. Similarly, art in the Renaissance reflected humanist values of beauty and heroism, while art in the Middle Ages reflected the Medieval values of piety that are shown in art that attempts to reflect the spiritual nature of the subject.
Leon Battista Alberti, Renaissance city planner notes, “To you is given a body more graceful than other animals, to you power of apt and various movements, to you most sharp and delicate …

… wit, reason, memory like an immortal god.” Albertis quote suggests several humanist values, and challenges several Medieval values.
Medieval values differ from humanist values in many important ways. Medieval values of piety, humility, poverty, hierarchy, community, and authority reflected the ideals of the period. Medieval values originated largely from the Church, and tended to reflect the values of the Church.
The rise of humanist values occurred at the time of the Renaissance, a period immediately following the middle Ages. The influence of the Church declined, and medieval values of piety, humility and poverty were largely replaced by a humanist …

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