Justice Is It Really Bieng Served Essay

Justice Is It Really Bieng Served Essay

This is a two page essay discussing law and justice. Is law and justice the same thing? How are they different? Definitions of law and justice. Example from Herman Melvilles Billy Budd.

… not desired in specific situations (What 4). Laws are designed to protect and serve an individuals rights and to protect and serve society as a whole. Every society and culture, even the most primitive, has some type of law that serves the interests of its people (What 4).

Justice, by definition, means the rendering of what is due or merited, and that which is due or merited (Justice 354). In reference to law, it means the administration of the law, the conformity to the law. Justice is an abstract principle by which right and wrong are defined (Justice 354 …

… . However, the slanderer, forced to pay the victim, is being punished. Both the victim and the slanderer are receiving justice. Phrases such as, to bring to justice and justice is served, are two common in terms of the law. Criminals are brought to justice’ and their punishment is justice served. However, justice is not always synonymous with fairness in terms of humanity. Often, following the letter of the law creates moral dilemmas.
In Herman Melvilles novel, Billy Budd, Captain Vere is faced with following the letter of the law or following his own conscience. He knows that Billy is …

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