Kafka The Metamorphosis Essay

Kafka The Metamorphosis Essay

… in page 2008, wherein Gregor felt a sudden sensation (and realization) that his legs, after he suddenly changed into an insect, are able to stand on firm ground under them. The description of Kafka regarding Gregors first attempt to mobility and his satisfaction of gaining a firm stand on the ground can be understood literally and figuratively. In the literal sense, Gregor, in this passage, had …

… being a human to an insect, it is apparent that Gregor had experienced sudden freedom with his transition, or metamorphosis. Belittled by his family discreetly, Gregor finally achieves recognition and stability through his metamorphosis, although it had only brought a weaker relationship between him and his family later on.
2. Federico Garcia Lorcas poem entitled Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Mejias is a tribute to Lorcas …

… case, as he is nearing death due to his old age, death is welcome to him, after all the bitterness and suffering the he went through in his life on earth.
4. In the short story The Lady with a Dog by Anton Chekhov, Gurovs thoughts (as illustrated in page 1531) shows how he suddenly realized the frivolousness of the life he once led before meeting …

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