The Kansas City Experiment Police Study Essay Sample

The Kansas City Experiment Police Study Essay Sample

… Katz wanted the city to come up with some plan to reduce that liability. It didn’t happen. Why? Because the unions that represented 1,000 cops and 650 firefighters didn’t like the remedy she proposed.
What was that remedy? A complex plan that called for the city to borrow $825million, invest it, and bank on the earnings outpacing interest on the debt, thereby reducing the …

… related search for more police budget, the incessant screaming of unions for more budget continues. Worse yet, the factor that is breaking the backs of city budgets is often not to pay for police services now, but for feathering the retirement nests of officers who have worked as little as 20 years at their profession.
The Santa Cruz, California, region faced that slow-dance music recently. New …

… Benevolent Association, had told The New York Times.
Research echoes the press
In a study published in May 2001, three Florida researchers determined the effect city budgets of various public expenditures. Although they considered cities in poor, fair, good and excellent financial condition, they averaged the expenditures and arrived at these conclusions:
City employee health insurance costs and employee unions were responsible for more city budget stress …

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