Killing With Keyboards Essay

Killing With Keyboards Essay

  1. What is at risk?

The scenario presented in the presentation talks about how our actions can allow us to do harm unknowingly to others.

The risk here now is inadvertent giving of information through the Internet (even without stating the actual facts) inherently, but through the connection of details made available through potential facts leading to the puzzle. As stated at the introduction, that Chris Raddick will be killing 238 U.S. soldiers in 2010, it just claims that by just simple conversations mentioning data that can be possibly used against you or your faction can be dangerous.

  1. What are the threats?

  1. Through the data presented online that are readily available to people all over the world, Chris and the people around him are in danger. These details, once connected to the link that predisposes a delicate issue, shall create disasters.

  2. Then, just as Alice was taught the skills and knowledge to operate the Internet to track down files leading to solving the puzzle for her government or for another government, this also poses as a threat.

  3. Keywords being used by Chris eventually turned out as a threat too. Through these, other parties learn about facts that are supposed to be unknown to them.

  4. Such tools to come up with the desired outcome serves to threaten the whole scene here also, as they contribute to Alice’s discovery of the important book as well as Chris’ address, telephone numbers and family’s activities.

  5. Furthermore, even if the information retrieved will not be utilized by Alice’s government, there is a chance that it will be selling the data to other countries against the U.S.

  1. What are the Vulnerabilities?

  1. The coffee shop, which turns out as the hub for Chris’ impending doom as a target; being described as offering free internet and having a quiet atmosphere, it is open to possible wiretapping, etc.

  2. At the coffee shop Chris, with the kind of sentences that he uses about having secret clearance and so on, is being completely oblivious to his surroundings, which could be asking for trouble.

  3. Also, giving discounts to those who have badges, there is a great chance that the enemies will have an opportunity to get necessary data they need like whether the company has changed their security card, or likewise.

  4. Chris was trying to play smart through his words, while voicing his opinion on the forum, saying that he knows something but won’t be able to say exactly how he knows. By doing so he is being vulnerable.

  5. Moreover, he became more susceptible through his conversation with Tom about the program used by the army. Now, he is really caught without him knowing.

  1. What are the measures to reduce the risk?

Hence, for the measures to be done to prevent these occurrences, we need to practice careful conversations online or offline, whether it is emails, chat rooms or meetings. We could limit personal and work information to ourselves and never assume that just because someone is at the same place as you are for several times, he’s in there for the same reason as you. Sensitive discussions if any should be done at safe locations.

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