What Kind Of Author Is Voltaire By Writing Candide Essay Sample

What Kind Of Author Is Voltaire By Writing Candide Essay Sample

… more thinking than most television shows.
When I am immersed in a novel or a short story, I also think a lot about language and writing. When I enjoy a book, I usually admire the author for his or her talents. I start to think in the style and rhythm of that particular writer. I also notice that my journaling and my own writing start to reflect the style of that author. Therefore, I know that reading influences and probably benefits my own writing. I can actually feel my brain working when I read sometimes, which makes me feel pleasantly …

… eyes than the glare of the monitor, but also because reading the story or novel demands a far greater attention span than the Internet. Even when I read short articles online, I find myself becoming easily distracted. I think about looking up a word or a place or some kind of tidbit of information. The Internet is great, but it lacks the magic that reading a book has. When I read a book, I become transported into alternate realities; reading stimulates my creativity in ways that television, Internet, and daydreaming do not.

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