“Kingdom of Heaven”: Morality in a Clash of Faith Essay

“Kingdom of Heaven”: Morality in a Clash of Faith Essay

In a war of culture and a war of religion, every knight and every soldier are ‘right’ in their own dispositions as devotees to their respective faiths. They fight for their kings and dogmas that are corrupted by greed and sheer violence. Not anyone dares to divert into the greater good, the essence of being a devotee – to save and protect the people – except Balian of Ibelin, the character in Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven (2003).

Kingdom of Heaven is about Balian’s search for his personal peace in a time when Moslems and Christians were in a despicable fight over the Jerusalem, the so-called Kingdom of Heaven. He was sent out to be one of the protectors of Jerusalem and its sickly king. In many parts of the story and until even the ending, what saves the people of Jerusalem is Balian’s humility, courage, and a strong sense of morality aimed to protect the people. At the end of the day, his peace comes from the fact that he redeemed all his sins through deciding what was thoughtfully right for the people of Jerusalem.

Generally, I liked the movie very much because it was able blend history with drama and tragedy. The script was heavily loaded with lessons and insights on religion, politics, government, and even personal development.

Orlando Bloom, who played as Balian, did very well that he was able to portray the greatness and valor of the character as a knight, as a son of a knight, and as an ordinary man of Jerusalem.

Moreover, the movie had an exceptional cinematography, having to put different combinations of music, pictures and sounds in order to highlight and emphasize the important scenes and parts of the movie.

With a great story and presentation, I would recommend that the movie is a must-see by those who love epic movies, classics, heroic films, drama, religious and war. After all, the lessons apply straight to every individual, and even to whatever society we are in.

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