Korean Conflict Essay

Korean Conflict Essay

During 1949, it has been considered by the Congress to give help to South Korea by giving out $150 million dollars bill. The person behind the plans of invading North Korea was Syngman, which is the reason why the U.S. leaders were so afraid to release more weapons for them and so they were only given rifles and bazookas and not the tanks and airplanes. During that time, 500 advisors called Korean Military Advisory Group or KMAG stayed in South Korea and almost half of the U.S. military went away. General William L. Roberts was the commander in chief at that time. A nomination was made and by just a single vote, the House defeated the Korean Aid Bill in which American would have to aid Korea in 1950.

South Korea was attacked by the North Korean army, and they crossed the 38th Parallel on June 25, 1950. There were no plans for the contingency and the Pentagon officials were really surprised by the attack. They had not done anything at that time and suggestions only came out from them. And so the Truman together with his circle of advisers just sat down with the group until finally when they are going to be invaded, the advisors thought of sending General Douglas MacArthur who can take the military response.

The plan of the North Korean invaders was to immediately take Seoul. Most of the ROK forces were send off by the troops and only the 6 division of ROK was left on ground. The American ambassador of South Korea, John Muccio, immediately informed Washington that there will be a possibility of having a full scale attack as he presumed. On the other part, as Syngman Rhee heard the news about the invasion, his reaction led in giving an order to imprison more South Koreans.

When the North Koreans believed that those forces of ROK/US/UN were trapped, McArthur began to In September of 1950, with the North Koreans believing the US/UN/ROK forces trapped, MacArthur started to draw back the marines from Pusan in September of 1950. This is the start of his daring amphibious set on the port of Inchon, which was halfway up the peninsula. The plan of McArthur to attack Seoul was to use Inchon as base. In that case, North Korean People’s Army (NKPA) which assaults Pusan, will cut off their supplies. This move was very classic and a good “pincer move” which has the intention of crushing down North Koreans between Pusan with eighth Army and the troops of MacArthur arriving at Inchon, X Corps. The X Corps was consisting of 70,000 strong men. A typhoon was there by that time named Kezin and the marines took the Island Wolmi which is near Inchon, with minimal casualties. X corps had controlled Inchon by nightfall of September 15 and made a dramatic push to Seoul. September 27 was the day when the Eighth Army from Pusan which was led by Walker met up with X Corps. By then, the North Korean armies were decimated. Syngman Rhee’s power has been restored to rule over Seoul on September 29.

On the other side of the story, UN became upset about the invasion of North Korean since it had overseen the election which was held during 1948, in which they don’t want to believe that war could undo the election. With this General Trygve Lie (UN Secretary) called the invasion the “war against the United Nations.The attack of the North Korean was categorized as a “breach of peace” instead of “aggression” which is according to UN details, the worst crime which can be committed by a nation according to the UN ideals, upon the discussion and arguments of the Soviets about considering the Korean conflict as only a “civil war”. Korea has been a united country because what only separated North and South Korea was an arbitrary line drawn by outside powers.

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