Kouzes And Posner S Credibility Gap Essay Example

Kouzes And Posner S Credibility Gap Essay Example

… only elements prevent these types of stories from happening.
9. The entire story was stilted to create the as negative impression as possible.
Stakeholder Analysis
There are many different stakeholders in this case and each has a vested interest in its result and its future implications. An overview of the stakeholders and their specific interests in this case is presented below:
ü NBC: The network must concern itself …

… the trucks so that the long-term damage does not continue.
7. Take an action that provides sufficient punishment the news people involved and shows the public that the organization cares about the credibility of its news programs.
8. Place emphasis on the fact that the demonstration was not scientific.
Ethics, Mission and Vision
The ethical mission for NBC is restoring its credibility. Its vision is to …

… this type of a show again. The Vision is always to have balanced stories and not have stories that are clearly stilted to reach a specific conclusion in order to get ratings.
Ethical Gap and Analysis

The ethical gaps in the actions of this company are immediately evident. The company concocted a story that would get it high ratings and did not use credible means to show …

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