Labor Management Conflict Essay Sample

Labor Management Conflict Essay Sample

… idea of human relations thus fulfills a stabilizing, mediating, and introductory function to any business organization. Personal adjustment is the mediating function of human relations, and as the name suggests, it involves helping workers adjust to changed circumstances and to the differences of other workers. Rather than coming into conflict with such frictions, or becoming stymied by them, personal adjustment stresses the need for positive change in the face of a shift in circumstances.
Human relations must help individuals deal with change in a healthy rather than an unhealthy fashion. Healthy personal growth is not founded upon the silencing of …

… of human relations departments is an acknowledgement that workers are human beings. Workers take their preexisting personalities with them to the office and must labor with others of different backgrounds, genders, and ethnic groups. They also take the conflicts present at home and the ideas they have learned at home with them through the office door. They cannot always leave in the car, after their morning commute. Proper human relations departments must encourage time management strategies, effective communication between workers, and also an effective negotiation of leave and vacation time to balance work and personal needs. Again, a happy employee …

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