Lack Of Effective Birth Control In Medieval Essay Sample

Lack Of Effective Birth Control In Medieval Essay Sample

… at one time. This provision resulted from the social circumstances in the Arabian tribes at the time of the birth of the Islamic faith. The Arabian tribes were consistently at war and sustenance was probably the most difficult task facing any family or individual. Because of the lack of males to producer children and multitudes of females available for marriage, polygamy became acceptable, but it is wrought …

… the population and provided for the expansion of Islam by producing heirs to the faith.
Some sociologists also maintain that polygamy in the Arabian world resulted from political aspirations and the desire for control of the region (Burke 123). By taking more than one wife, it was possible for the conqueror to leave heirs to his faith in the conquered areas and insure the spreading of his …

… the Arabian world, but Arabian divorce rates are very low and family stability is high, while over 50 percent of American marriages end in divorce. Clearly this alternative value system may be more effective in maintaining family stability.
Marriage and family dynamics differ greatly between the United States and the Arabian world, but each pattern in dynamics is a direct response to the social, economic and religious …

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