Lady Macbeth S Actions Determinism Essay

Lady Macbeth S Actions Determinism Essay

… lives and the world in which they live, both for good and for ill.
According to the common conception of Lady Macbeth, the wife of the Thane of Cawdor is an evil, malicious shrew, full of gall rather than the “milk of human kindness.” (1.1.15) However, although Lady Macbeth is hardly the type of woman one might want to have hosting one’s dinner party, her inner complexity is much deeper. She is not like the witches who lure Macbeth to his doom. Rather, she like her husband, becomes besotted by their words, in her case after reading …

… seem to be the more evil of the two Macbeths is not only her infamous emotional blackmailing of her husband to commit murder, but also the fact that she initially keeps a cooler head than he does, after the murder of Duncan. However, as the true moral nature of Macbeth begins to decline, Lady Macbeth herself begins to fade in the drama. Just as the witch spurred her on with words and the Lady gave voice to what her husband dared not speak, as his character grows more bloody, Lady Macbeth becomes more mad and detached from him. Finally, she …

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