Lands End L L Bean Essay

Lands End L L Bean Essay

… major weakness of the company is poor management. Poor management decisions have forced the company to restructure and lay off employees. In addition, the company has suffered because of poor financial decisions.
Opportunities. The company has an opportunity to benefit from people that are interested in bettering the environment. There are many organizations and individuals that advocate the preservation of the environment. The ideals that Patagonia has about running a business that is environmentally friendly will be embraced by theses organizations and individuals.
Threats. The major threats to the company come from the competition. Companies such as LL Bean, Lands End and REI sell similar products and enjoy brand name recognition.
Analysis. It seems that the management plan will be beneficial to the company and it also seems to be a sound plan. The plan is sound because it frees capital that can be used to improve the product and the environment.
Recommendation. I agree with the recommendations that have been made concerning the future operation of Patagonia.

Case for Competency Development: Passion at Patagonia. Managing the Environment. pg.186

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