Langston Hughes I Too Sing America Essay Example

Langston Hughes I Too Sing America Essay Example

… quest reveals the future so that the blues can be avoided.
The Blues and Vision Quest
You gotta pay the dues if you wanna sing the blues, so the saying goes. (Whitney) Orphaned at a young age, growing up in a racist and anti-feminist era, Bessie Smith definitely paid …

… wife is starving your wife is livin like a queen.(Whitney)

Bessie Smith lived her life to the extremes, she drank too much, fought too much, engaged in numerous extramarital affairs with men and women, but nonetheless she was considered the Empress of Blues. Even though she had acquired great …

… form of artistic expression; it is a state of being. You have to live through the suffering to be able to articulate it properly. Langston Hughes said it best when he asserted, Everybody wanna sing my blues, nobody wanna live my blues. I think that it is safe to say …

… and Times of the Great Ones. 4 March 2003 Public Broadcasting Station.
“Native Americans of North America,” Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia 2003 © 1997-2003 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Vision Quest. Info

Whitney, Ross …

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