Langston Hughes Theme Of Harlem Essay Sample

Langston Hughes Theme Of Harlem Essay Sample

… wound that “stinks like rotting meat,” or a style of Uncle Tom sentimentality, where the dream will “crust and sugar over – – / like a syrupy sweet.” In poetic jazz style, Hughes improvises upon his theme, forming variations throughout the volume on the idea of the dream deferred, and his improvisations halt with his allusion to the burdens of racism: “Maybe it just sags / like a heavy load.” But …

… something has simply snapped within the soul of the black race: “Or does it explode?”
Hansberry’s play “A Raisin in the Sun”, takes its name, purposefully and artfully from Hughes’ poem from Harlem. What we are witness to in the play is the exploration of that question as embodied in the lives of the characters. A Raisin in the Sun at first sight may suggest that …

… Hansberrys adaptation of the spirit of desperation at seeing the unfulfilled life shrivel and disappear, and to sometimes result in the worst of behaviors erupting out of grief and frustration.

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