Language Acquisition and Emergent Literacy Essay

Language Acquisition and Emergent Literacy Essay

Regarding the given article, this student feels that the writer of the article is right in his/her observation. For one, the writer was able to cite the missing theoretical works of renowned linguists which are relevant since the book is about phonological disorders, aside from the fact that the framework of the theory is applied broadly during the assessment in the case discussed in the book. Another thing is that the meanings of medical terms used in the book regarding the different aspects of speech disorder were not properly given. This fact can, therefore, proved to be confusing to the book’s readers as they will not be able to understand the terms mentioned by the author.

This student also strongly agrees with the views of the writer of the given article because this student believes that in order to be an effective author of a book, the author must be articulate and precise in conveying the message of his/her book. And in order to achieve this, the author should first give a brief history or tell something about his or her topic to enlighten his/her readers about the subject. The author should also be specific with any medical terms that he or she will use in his/her book, as well as give their meanings clearly since not all readers are familiar with them. This is especially important if the book is going to be used or read by students as reference in their course of studies.

With regards to theories, the theories must be mentioned in its full context and with citation to whoever formulated them in order to show respect to the formulator of the theory. After which, the author should explain as much as possible the relevance of the theory in connection to the topic being discussed in his/her book. And most of all, any author should be sensitive and must show concern with regards to the feeling of its readers so as to ensure that his/her book will be worth reading for. This is very important especially in cases where the book is going to be used as a source or material for students and practitioners, because his/her book will be instrumental in imparting knowledge to its readers.


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